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The Copywriting Process

Copywriting isn't a one way street.

The copywriting process requires time and effort from yourself and your copywriter (that's me!).

We'll be working closely together to make sure we maximise the results from your copywriting project. 

To help you get a general idea about the copywriting process and how we'll navigate this together, I've put together an overview of the copywriting process for you. 

Never worked with a copywriter?

Read my blog post on whether hiring a copywriter is worth the investment and learn more about how I can help your business.

Here's how it goes

9 easy steps to achieving your goals

1. Quick chat & proposal

The copywriting process starts with us arranging a suitable time to have a quick chat over the phone to talk about your copywriting needs and to answer any questions that you have. Then I'll put together a Project Proposal. 

2. Commencement invoice paid

Great news! With my copywriting process, you can pay half your project costs now and the balance later. 

Once the commencement invoice is paid, I'll book your project in and we'll get started. 

3. Copy brief questionnaire

We begin your project by putting together a detailed copywriting brief to work out what's important to you and what you need your investment to achieve. I'll send you a questionnaire to complete where you tell me about your project, your business and you. 

This is a crucial stage of the copywriting process.

4. Phone briefing

This is our chance to make sure we're on the same page. We'll run through the questionnaire and chat about your answers. Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, we'll work it out together. 

We can also chat via video using Zoom. 

5. Copy brief approval

I'll send you the copywriting brief and you can edit it with any additions or corrections. Then, send it back with your approval. 

This is when I confirm the prices included in the proposal (because now I know what we're fully working with). 

6. Writing. Writing. Writing.

I get busy working on the first version of your copy.

7. First version

I send you the first version (in full or a skeleton version). It's much harder (and costlier) to change the style later in the process and this version helps make sure I'm on the right track.

If I've sent you a skeleton version, you can expect your first full version of the copy next. 

8. Revisions

We work our way through any revisions. With my copywriting process you have two rounds of revisions (one if it's a copyediting project) so there's plenty of scope to produce a final draft that meets your project goals (and that you love). 

Your project invoice will be issued with the second version but your project will still be prioritised while we're finalising revisions.

9. Project completion

We've reached the end of your project. Well done! When you're happy with the copy, I'll ask you to approve the final version and I'll get it proofread. No one likes hunting down credibility-busting typos quite like a proofreader. 

When the final invoice is paid, the proofread copy is yours to use. I'll likely ask you for feedback and a testimonial. 


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