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In their words...

Please see attached the revised version of the copywriting. You’ve completely and utterly nailed it so there are very few changes!!


Thank Leeha for making the process a breeze. You exceeded my expectations, the copy rocked and my clients were thrilled. I’m looking forward to working with you again.

Belinda Bow | Marketing & Communications Coordinator | Skildare

Project Overview

Skildare is a boutique HR consulting firm based in Newcastle, NSW and they approached me for an SEO copywriting project for their new website.

The copywriting on their existing website didn’t do a great job of explaining what they did and how they helped their clients. It was generic, formal and lacked personality. Basically, it didn’t match their brand, their business and it certainly didn’t reflect the personality and enthusiasm of founders Diane and Adam Loong and their team.

For this website copywriting project, we wanted to capture how the Skildare team are experts in the industry and go above and beyond for their clients. But, HR can be a fairly dry topic, so we also wanted to inject some of the personality and humour of the team.

Not only did we weave this magic through the website pages, but we developed team profiles that let each team member express their personality and capture their skills.

The Task

Write SEO friendly copywriting for six website pages that used creative, conversational and engaging language. The project also included 13 team bios to boost credibility and shine a light on the incredible team at Skildare and all that they have to offer to clients.

Favourite Line

At Skildare, we won’t bamboozle you with HR jargon, confuse you with complex strategies or hand you over to outsourced HR consultants that don’t understand your business or your people.

Something Cool

To capture the personality of the Skildare team, we developed a short questionnaire for each team member to complete.

The questionnaire had a great mix of corporate/skills-based questions but also included interesting and humour based questions like ‘What’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten’ or ‘Choose a movie title for the story of your life’.

The answers were then reviewed to ensure that they aligned with the Skildare brand and incorporated into the team bios.