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Project Overview

Jennifer Parker from Real Vision Life Coaching was such a pleasure to work with. Jen is an empowerment coach who helps big-hearted women that are on the brink of burnout.

Jen’s website at the time was a one-pager that she felt was a little on the wordy side and didn’t reflect where she was in her business. And, what really got me was that she couldn’t make any changes to it without submitting a request to her developer. This is so old school and can be really costly when you just want to make simple changes like updating a word or image here or there.

Our goal was to launch a new website that Jen had complete control over. One that would allow her to increase visibility to her target client, as well as boost her authority and credibility.

Jen’s favourite part of her new site is the design. In her own words ‘it’s beautiful’.

The Task

Design a custom 6-page WordPress website, including professional SEO copywriting, that highlighted Jen’s beautiful nature and set expectations around what it might be like to work with her as your empowerment coach.

Copy Snippet

Are you a big-hearted, intuitive businesswoman who’s exhausted and on the brink of burnout? Do you always go out of your way to make others happy, even when it costs you valuable time? Are you an over-achiever who lives in fear of disappointing others? How are your self-limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits affecting your business, your health and your relationships? Let me ask just one more question – how would you feel if I told you there’s another way?

Favourite line

And if you’re not firing on all cylinders – if you’re not happy and healthy – you can’t expect to bring your ‘A’ game…

Something cool

I created a slide-in menu that’s available on the desktop as well as other devices. It provides quicklinks and an opportunity for visitors to download Jen’s leadmagnet.

In their words…

I love the design of the website. You were open to feedback and felt easy to work with you. Leeha was great to work with and formats the website to make it pop.

Jennifer Parker, Founder and Empowerment Life Coach, Real Vision Life Coaching


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