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In their words...

Well, I love it! Only 1 paragraph I wasn’t sure of, but it’s brilliant! And, when we worked through the revisions of the other two posts, she had this to say: Looking forward to getting the last 2 awesome blog posts out there into the world!

Katrina Potter | Graphic Designer and Illustrator | Little Black Kat Creative

Project Overview

Little Black Kat Creative is a boutique graphic design and illustration studio based in Springfield, QLD. Kat Potter (graphic designer extraordinaire and really cool human) loved my work on our previous copyediting project so she asked me to write three blog posts for her website.

The blog posts needed to capture the tone of voice and bubbly personality of Little Black Kat – which I’m sure you’ll agree, they definitely do. You can read them here:

Why your business needs a bad-ass brand strategy, not just a logo

Business branding: Reach new heights with captivatingly cool illustration

Rebranding your business: Is it time?

The Task

Write three 1000 word blog posts, including blog topic suggestions, research, natural usage of search engine keywords and external links to relevant and high-authority sources.

Favourite Line

You’ve got a business idea that kicks butt, and you’re bursting at the seams to get cracking. But before you register that business name or go all ‘el cheapo’ on your logo, let’s talk about business branding.

Something Cool

Kat and I previously worked together on a copyediting project, where I helped edit her fandangle new website’s ‘Home’ and ‘About’ Pages. As a business owner, it means so much to not only work with super cool clients, like Kat, but to know that they trust you enough to work with you again.

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