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Project Overview

HerBusiness is a collaborative and supportive network for women entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale their business. It’s run by the inspiring Suzi Dafnis, a highly successful entrepreneur, business owner and all-round beautiful human being.

Each year, Suzi and her team run The Business Growth Summit for Women Entrepreneurs featuring world-class speakers, best-selling authors and celebrity entrepreneurs that share how to master the inner and outer game of the business for maximum profits and ultimate happiness.

In the lead up to the event, speaker emails are released to the HerBusiness network that features intriguing information on the guest speakers and compels the reader to sign up for the summit and listen to the free sessions.

The guest speakers are freakin’ amazing! I’m talking:

  • Marie Forleo
  • Angela Duckworth
  • Kate Northrup
  • Mike Michalowicz
  • Pat Flynn, and many more!

In 2020, Suzi asked me to write this series of emails and I was over the moon.

The Task

Based upon a guest speaker interview or transcript, write 12 x speaker emails for the 2020 Business Growth Summit for Women Entrepreneurs that can be used as emails and adapted for social media etc.

Copy Snippet

Hey there, <firstname>

What’s your relationship like with your business? Does the money side of your business leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused? Do you feel like you’re pushing harder and working longer but not seeing the results you’d like?

The good news is that making sense of your finances can be fun. The great news is, it’s even possible to do less work in your business but make MORE money.

Favourite line

When you recognise the gifts that ONLY you have, and you find the right people to share them with, you’ll come alive.

Something cool

Ok, I’ll be honest – this project really put my time management skills to the test. Given the availability of the guest speakers and the tight timeframe leading up to the summit, most of the emails needed to be turned around (including one lot of revisions) within a 24 – 48 hour period.

It was tough going at times, especially balancing other client work and my day job – but I did it! Also, the freakin’ cool thing about this project was that I got to listen to all of the guest speakers before their interviews went live – and get paid for it! Plus, some of the electronic transcriptions had funny little errors through them which cracked me up on more than one occasion.  

In their own words…

Leeha made it really easy to work with her and was prompt and reliable and responsive. Thanks, Leeha!

Suzi Dafnis, Founder | HerBusiness


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