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Copywriter Brisbane: The GoDaddy Australia logo, a client of Mind Your Words

Project Overview

I’m a regular guest contributor to the GoDaddy Australia blog, and I love it. I’ve written on a variety of topics and I love that with each post, I’ve got the opportunity to sink my teeth into a new topic. Here’s a list of the posts that I’ve written:

6 health tips for living in a COVID-19 world

5 stress management tips for business owners

How to get a real estate license anywhere in Australia

7 ways to make a fresh start at work

6 steps to creating a business-boosting brand strategy

Starting your own business with next to no cash

4 steps to crafting a mission statement

Does your small business need an operational plan?

The Task

From a basic brief, research and write a 1000 word blog post for the GoDaddy Australia blog. I’m provided with the topic, primary and secondary keywords and a brief overview of the objective for the post.

Copy Snippet

You might think your idea is brilliant, but do you know people willing to pay for it? Testing your business idea with a small group will show you whether consumers are interested in your product or service. There’s no need to hire an expensive market research company — because you’ve already got free access to your market at your fingertips.

Join the same online forums or groups as your ideal customer. Introduce yourself and tell them about your business. But don’t give them the hard sell. Remember, this is about market research and relationship-building. People will respond better if you’re honest and authentic.

Favourite line

If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling when it comes to your career or you suffer from Mondayitis (yes, it’s a thing) you’re not alone.

Something cool

My favourite post was 7 ways to make a fresh start at work. Why you ask? Well, I was once in the same boat as many other people – looking for a way to reinvigorate my work life and find something that I’d love doing. Tip seven in this post was starting a side hustle, and that’s exactly why I started my business, Mind Your Words. Only now, I think of my day job as my ‘side hustle’.

In their own words…

Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t provide individual testimonials BUT they keep asking me to write guest posts – so I must be doing something right 😁


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