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Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t provide individual testimonials BUT they keep asking me to write guest posts – so I must be doing something right 😁

GoDaddy Australia

Project Overview

I’m a regular guest contributor to the GoDaddy Australia blog, and I love it. I’ve written on a variety of topics and I love that with each post, I’ve got the opportunity to sink my teeth into a new topic. Here’s a list of the posts that I’ve written:

6 health tips for living in a COVID-19 world

5 stress management tips for business owners

How to get a real estate license anywhere in Australia

7 ways to make a fresh start at work

6 steps to creating a business-boosting brand strategy

Starting your own business with next to no cash

4 steps to crafting a mission statement

Does your small business need an operational plan?

The Task

From a basic brief, research and write a 1000 word blog post for the GoDaddy Australia blog. I’m provided with the topic, primary and secondary keywords and a brief overview of the objective for the post.

Favourite Line

If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling when it comes to your career or you suffer from Mondayitis (yes, it’s a thing) you’re not alone.

Something Cool

My favourite post was 7 ways to make a fresh start at work. Why you ask? Well, I was once in the same boat as many other people – looking for a way to reinvigorate my work life and find something that I’d love doing. Tip seven in this post was starting a side hustle, and that’s exactly why I started my business, Mind Your Words. Only now, I think of my day job as my ‘side hustle’