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In their words...

Building a website can be a pretty standard process. Hey, you can even do it yourself. But that is only if you are happy with standard. Finding someone to take your vision and brand, your business DNA and translate it into a virtual platform is like trying to find a unicorn. Leeha is that unicorn. Don’t make the decision to work with her based on her previous work; it won’t look anything like your project because she hasn’t started working with you. Your website will be unique, it will be engaging, but more importantly, it will be authentically you and your business. That is why I choose to work with Leeha. I only had clarity on what I wanted my clients to feel and the solutions I provided, the rest was an overwhelming sea of confusion. Leeha’s clear process and translation of my brand resulted in not only a website I’m proud of, it’s a virtual representation of me.

Melissa Langton | Director | Exceler8

Project Overview

Melissa is a sought-after HR coach, advisor and strategist PLUS the director of Exceler8. Her clients call her their ‘people paracetamol’ because she helps them say ‘goodbye’ to HR headaches and ‘hello’ to the perfect people formula to support their business. ⁠
Melissa told me that she knew she had to develop a website that would be a virtual representation of her brand and a platform to hold the assets in her business but she had NO IDEA where to start. It was all so overwhelming and she was paralysed by options, decisions and opinions. ⁠

Even though Melissa connected with my previous work, the BIG driving factor was having both the copywriting and website design done for her.⁠

Melissa’s favourite part of her new website is the flow and translation of her client journey.⁠

The Task

Design a 7-page WordPress website, including professional copywriting, a blog and a monthly marketing template. The design and words had to give potential clients a sense of who Melissa was as a person and consultant, as well as help them feel a sense of relief knowing that someone was finally able to stand beside them to resolve their HR headaches.

Favourite Line

Breathe. You’ve taken the first step.

Something Cool

I designed all of Melissa’s unique icons in Canva and she loved them so much, she’s used them throughout all her marketing collateral.