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Mind Your Words - Portfolio - Eda Property
Copywriter Brisbane: The Eda Property Logo, a client of Mind Your Words.

Project Overview

Eda Property, a Melbourne based investment property advisory business, asked me to rewrite their website copy as part of an exciting rebrand for the business.

The goal was to let savvy business owner (and self-proclaimed Lifestyle Crusader), Anissa Cavallo’s, personality shine through to help build more authentic connections with their target audience. And, as we all know, with connections comes conversions – every business owners desire. 

The Task

Write SEO website copywriting for the Eda Property ‘About’ and ‘How it works’ pages.

*Please note that the layout of the copywriting for this project was altered by the client after handover. It’s been broken up across different pages that weren’t in scope. 

Copy Snippet

Passive income will help you have more of the lifestyle you’re wanting. We know this because it’s worked for us. We started our own investment journey in 2000. Now we enjoy a lifestyle with financial freedom, flexibility and wonderful lifestyle choices. We’d love you to join the hundreds of other people we’ve helped to make a lot of money and achieve the lifestyle they want.

Favourite line

We lay it all out in black and white (even our costs) so you won’t have any surprises down the track.

Something cool

The key to writing engaging copy is to write like you would speak. So for this project, I was lucky to have access to videos that Eda Property Founder, Anissa Cavallo, had recorded on a range of property investment topics for her audience. I watched the videos and pulled out words and phrases that were unique to Anissa. Then, I weaved this language through the copy to make sure that we nailed Anissa’s personality.

In their own words…

“I’ve worked with a handful of Australian copywriters but no one quite like this extremely talented being! She has a natural ability to translate thoughts into beautifully written words. When you read what she produces, you can’t help but think “that’s exactly what I meant… but you’ve described it so much better than I did!”. Leeha is professional, organised and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate at the opportunity to work with her again”. 

Catherine Nguyen, Managing Director, Empirical Australia (on behalf of Eda Property)


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