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Project Overview

Wow! Can I just say that this might have been one of my favourite Copywriting and WordPress Website package projects to date. Why? Well, it challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and dig deeper into my creativity.

My client, Kelly Wozencroft is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist based in Ipswich, Queensland and I was thrilled to be working with another local business. This project was for a new website to support Kelly’s transition into her own psychology practice and during our 1.5-hour briefing session, plus my own research, it became clear that we really wanted to create something different.

Dot Connect QLD embodies Kelly’s approach to therapy which is genuine and creative therapy tailored to her clients. She does therapy differently and goes to great lengths to find the connections and answers her clients need. It was imperative that her website captured this approach and more.

We used a mix of photography and custom illustrations in bright colours to match her branding, but also her down-to-earth personality. Each illustration was edited to ensure that the colours were consistent with the Dot Connect QLD branding guide. Her primary call to action was to ‘book an appointment’ and to make it easy for her clients to get the help they needed, we provided buttons that linked directly through to her booking system, Power Diary.

Kelly loves her new website and when you check it out, I’m sure you’ll see why.

The Task

Design a 6-page WordPress website, including professional SEO copywriting, that conveyed founder of Dot Connect QLD, Kelly Wozencroft’s, values, vision and how passionate she is about working with families through a creative and tailored approach to therapy.

It was important that the website conveyed a down-to-earth and friendly vibe plus made it easy for clients to book an appointment. Bright colours and custom illustrations were used throughout.

Copy Snippet

Like many parents and families, you’ve probably spent countless hours on Google, have a collection of brochures, a wad of printed support material and a list of health professionals to contact. You, your child, or a loved one is struggling, and you’re not sure who to turn to for help.

It’s little wonder that you’re left feeling overwhelmed and worried. You’re no closer to finding any answers, and this extra pressure is impacting all aspects of your home life.

I founded Dot Connect to provide those answers. Just like the name implies, I’ll help you find out what’s going on and connect it with therapy specifically tailored to the client I’m supporting.

Favourite line

I’m not your typical ‘couch’ psychologist. In fact, I go the extra mile to make sure our sessions are comforting, enjoyable and even playful—despite us working through a tough issue together.

Something cool

The main call to action row used throughout the website features an animated pot plant – check it out, it’s very calming.

In their words…

I strongly recommend Leeha for your website design. I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to write content for my website and didn’t think I would need copywriting as well. Boy was I wrong! 

Leeha’s ability to capture my personality and values in the content was something I could never do. Then on top of this, she created a professional, creative, and engaging website that was unique and also ticked the boxes of SEO, usability across devices, etc. 

Leeha was also great at turning my nonsensical and non-technical feedback into exactly what I had in mind. She was always warm, friendly, and approachable which made the proofing processing very easy.

Kelly Wozencroft, Founder | Educational and Developmental Psychologist | Dot Connect QLD


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