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It's more than just copywriting...

Oh, hey there...

So here's the thing. I could fill this blog with posts on how to improve your writing, come up with great headlines and some pretty dry topics around punctuation and grammar. 

But I'm not going to do that.


Sure, from time to time I'll include useful copywriting tips 'n' tricks but I'm not just a copywriter. I'm a small business owner, a self-taught website designer, a proud Queenslander, a mother, a partner, a friend and a colleague. Like you, I have lots to talk about and that's what I intend to do. 


Each blog post will satisfy most (if not all) of my criteria - useful, actionable, real-life experience, interesting and of value to my audience (p.s. that's you). So feel free to call BS on posts that you don't think fit these criteria. 


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How to write a kick-ass “About” page that gets results.

Did you know that your About page is one of the most visited pages on your website? How do you write an About page? Writing an About page is often an after-thought? A rush job? Or buried at the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list? It's a hard page to write...

What building a house taught me about customer service

A new copywriting client recently told me that they’re “loving the way I work”. She went on to talk about how it’s rare these days to find someone who listens to their customers needs – and delivers. Her feedback gave this little freelance copywriter a much-needed ego boost. I was doing...

Is hiring a copywriter worth the investment?

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter you might find yourself thinking...       ‘I know my business best, why would I hire someone else to write about it?’      ‘I don’t need fancy words, I need customers’      ‘I can write, I’ll do it myself and save money’      ‘Of course, you’re going to tell me hiring...

9 small business website tips you can’t ignore

Your small business website is a global front door. That’s why it’s surprising that many small businesses don’t have one. According to the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, 48% of customers won’t consider a small business without a website. The same report states that only 51% of businesses with 2-4...

Ready to find the right words?

If words aren't your thing or you want more time to spend on other business tasks, let me help.

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Leeha Debnam is a freelance copywriter and owner of Mind Your Words. She writes clever, SEO friendly and engaging content to help small businesses deliver their message, connect with customers and grow.

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