Brisbane Copywriter and WordPress Designer Leeha Debnam

Hey there! I'm Leeha Debnam.


Who are you?

Before I rattle on about Mind Your Words, let's talk about you.

I could launch into all the nitty-gritty details about how I got started and why I do what I do, but I'm far more interested in you.

Why have you come looking for me?

If I'm right, you're here because you're ready to take your business baby to the next level. You know how critical it is to get your website words just right. They need to be the perfect mix of exciting, engaging and compelling without being 'salesy'.

You're smart, so you also know there's no point having freakin' awesome words if your website looks like crap. Or having a wicked website that's full of lacklustre, hard to read words that leave your readers going "huh?".

So what's the problem?

My guess is you're not sure how, or you don't have the time, to get this connection building combination. Lucky for you, I've got this covered.

Who am I?

Every business starts with a problem to be solved. Mind Your Words was no different.

For over 10 years, I've worked on federal government programs that help small businesses, like yours, succeed. I loved the work, but I started getting an itch, not a literal itch - that would be weird. But, an itch to do more, be more and to help businesses more.

Also, the daily 2-hour commute was hell, and as a new mum, I wanted to claw back some of that family time.

Now, I'll admit that I thought long and hard about what I was good at. I thought about what would have me jumping out of bed in the morning. What would give me those goosebump, happy dance moments when a client experienced growth with my input?

I had the skills, work ethic and customer service experience to succeed in my own business. But, what could I do?

Copywriting didn't fall in my lap, I went searching for a new career that played to my strengths, skills and my heart.

Over the last few years, I've worked bloody hard on combining my natural wordy talent with extra training and coaching to become a damn good one (just ask my clients).

But, wait...

It takes more than words to make your business shine, you need the whole package.

About 12 months into my copywriting business, I realised that there was a common theme occurring for my website copy clients. After we'd partnered to craft words that appealed to their ideal clients, the copy was published on a website that left it looking a little sad. The words looked lost and to be frank, now they seemed the opposite of appealing.

The website design didn't match the words. Perhaps the copy was placed on a DIY website that lacked the sparkle of professional hands, or it was simply an afterthought to the website design itself. Either way, the copy was often split across pages, had headers and sub-headers in all the wrong spots and lost the flow of engaging and compelling copy.

So, I asked myself these questions:

  • How could I help you avoid this problem?
  • How could I help you get bang for buck when you invested in professional copywriting and website design?
  • How could I give you a high quality, end-to-end service that meant briefing one freelancer who really gets to know your business and your brand?
  • How can I help you walk away with a rockin', connection building, conversion-focused website that your clients will love?

The answer to these questions was all-inclusive Words & WordPress Design Packages. So, I teamed up with the lovely folks at StackedSite, a Brisbane based website platform, training and hosting company, and I upskilled in WordPress design.

These smart, affordable packages mean you can stop worrying about whether your website is doing its job and get back to doing yours - running your business.

Kind words from clients

The juicy stuff

Just a Tassie girl who loves coffee, food, family and doing a bloody great job

I'm a proud Queenslander now, but I was born (and mostly raised) on that little island south of our big island, Tasmania. Before you ask, no I didn't need a passport to come to the mainland and no, you can't see the scar for my second head (that's private). It was at UTAS that I completed my Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Sociology before spreading my wings and becoming a public servant.

After a stint in Rockhampton and later in Canberra (talk about extremes), I landed in Brisbane. It's here that I met the love of my life and with our three beautiful, headstrong children, I'm experiencing the juggle of family and business first-hand.

I adore BBQs with friends and I love heading to the Sunshine Coast - it's where I hope our next chapter will unfold shortly.

I've completed two of Australia's best courses for copywriters. The exclusive Copywriting Masterclass Course by Belinda Weaver from Copywrite Matters and The Recipe for SEO Success by Kate Toon (P.S. they both host the fabulously informative Hot Copy Podcast). With my experience, training and coaching my copywriting is consistently reaching new heights.

If you're looking to work with a down-to-earth, positive professional that knows how to write fresh, leap off the page content and pairs it with a well-designed, responsive website -  look no further. I'm your girl.

I can't wait to hear about your project.


Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, graduated from the University of Tasmania.
Brisbane Copywriter and WordPress Website Designer - Mind Your Words - ausmumpreneur finalist
Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is a graduate of the Copywriting Master Class and this image is a badge to honour that graduation. It features a blue background with an owl wearing a graduation cap.
Brisbane Copywriter and Website Designer - Mind Your Words - ausmumpreneur finalist 2020
Freelance SEO copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is a member Confident Copywriting and this image is the badge honouring that membership. It says 'member of confident copywriting' and means that as a freelance copywriter, Leeha is supported by her mentor, Belinda Weaver, and other professional copywriters within the copywriting industry.
Copywriter and Website Designer Brisbane - Leeha Debnam - SEO Success Graduate