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Meet Leeha

The freelance copywriter behind

Mind Your Words

I work with small business owners

to write compelling copy that customers love.

About You

  • You're struggling to write engaging content for your new website.

  • You don't have time to write content or it's too hard.

  • You've got a website but where are the results?

  • You've heard blogging is great for business but it's at the bottom of your to do list.

  • Regular newsletters and email marketing - who's got time for that?

Sound familiar?

Like many of the small business owners I work with, these tasks are at the bottom of the 'too hard' basket.

Lucky for you, I've got this covered.

Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is sitting at her desk, head resting on her elbow. She's smiling and ready to deliver copywriting services to help your business.

About me

Hi, I'm Leeha

As a freelance copywriter, you’ll find me tapping away on my keyboard at home in Ipswich, Queensland. But, thanks to all things ‘techy’ (like Skype and Zoom), I use my SEO copywriting skills to help businesses around Australia. 


I have 3 beautiful kids and I’m experiencing first hand the juggle of family and business. 


Outside of my business, I love BBQ’s with friends, heading to the Sunshine Coast and belting out tunes in the shower...the kitchen...the car (ok, anywhere! A girl's gotta sing, right?).


Why a freelance SEO copywriter?

I've worked on programs designed to help small businesses, like yours, succeed. And, I've loved it. But, it wasn't enough. I dreamed of helping small business owners kick business goals with my input. I'll be honest, ditching the long commute and clawing back some family time was also attractive. 

Now, I've combined all my experience with training (and hard work) to become an SEO copywriter. That's how Mind Your Words was born. I've also worked as a fast food attendant, a petrol attendant, night-filler and a call centre operator in the airline industry. It's all experience that comes in handy when I'm writing your copy. 

I'm all about positivity, balance and using my copywriting services to help other businesses grow. 

Client Love


Leeha is an exceptional copywriter. I've worked with a handful of Australian copywriters but no one quite like this extremely talented being! She has a natural ability to translate thoughts into beautifully written words. When you read what she produces, you can't help but think "that's exactly what I meant... but you've described it so much better than I did!". Leeha is professional, organised and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate at the opportunity to work with her again.

Catherine Nguyen

Managing Director, Empirical Australia

Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is an SEO copywriter that writes copy for humans and search engines. Here, she's sitting in her office, laptop on her lap working on creating stellar copy for her clients.

More about me

My confession...

I'm a word nerd, the typo police and I'd love to devour an entire book in a day. But, who has time for that? So, I turned my love of all things wordy into a business. 


With a career spanning 10+ years in federal government, I've been busy putting my kick arse writing skills to good use. I’ve written high-level government documents, reports, contracts, email templates and (many…many) letters. 


I've also written fun stuff like newsletters for internal and external publications, website content, blog posts and sales letters.


All this means that you can rest easy knowing your copy is in good, experienced hands.



I'm legit.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Tasmania. And, I've completed one of Australia's best copywriting courses, the exclusive Copywriting Masterclass Course through Copywrite Matters. 


With on-going coaching from Belinda Weaver (owner of Copywrite Matters and presenter on the Hot Copy Podcast), I've taken my SEO copywriting to the next level. 


All this experience means that I know how to research, problem solve and write fresh, persuasive copy and content that leaps off the page at your customers.

Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, graduated from the University of Tasmania.
Freelance copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is a graduate of the Copywriting Master Class and this image is a badge to honour that graduation. It features a blue background with an owl wearing a graduation cap.
Freelance SEO copywriter, Leeha Debnam, is a member Confident Copywriting and this image is the badge honouring that membership. It says 'member of confident copywriting' and means that as a freelance copywriter, Leeha is supported by her mentor, Belinda Weaver, and other professional copywriters within the copywriting industry.

Ready to find the right words?

If words aren't your thing or you want more time to spend on other business tasks, let me help.

About Us

Leeha Debnam is a freelance copywriter and owner of Mind Your Words. She writes clever, SEO friendly and engaging content to help small businesses deliver their message, connect with customers and grow.

If you’re a small business looking to stand out from the crowd, book Mind Your Words for your next project.

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