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Got copywriting questions?

Your Copywriting FAQs answered

Copywriting FAQs

What is copywriting? Is it the same as copyright? How much do you cost?

Here's a list of copywriting FAQs that my clients ask.

If you can't find the answer to a copywriting FAQ

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing words generally for your promotional or marketing material. A copywriter (that's me) writes copy for a whole range of things like websites, emails, white papers, press releases, case studies, video scripts, blogs, brochures, adverts or even social media snippets. 

The super cool thing about professional copy is that it makes sure your customers are clearly (and quickly) made aware of the benefits of your project or service. The words and phrases used are compelling and motivates them to take action, like buying your product or booking your service. Sounds good, right?

There are heaps of copywriters out there, why should I choose you?

I love this question! You should choose me because not only am I friendly but I believe in old fashioned customer service. You'll find me organised, educational and I take the time to get to know all about you and your business. It's the only way I can craft SEO friendly copy that is engaging, conversational, and what customers love.

I've got some lovely testimonials from previous clients. They loved working with me, and I think you will too. 

Is copywriting the same as copyright?

Ahhh, no. It's not. But don't worry, I get asked this question a lot!

Copyright refers to a bunch of legal rights and ownership over creative works. 

What is SEO copywriting?

To maximise the time spent on your webpage, it's important that your copy is readable, engaging and motivates your visitors to your call to action.

SEO copywriting takes this a step further catering for search engines (like Google) as well as your target market by weaving your keywords and phrases into relevant, engaging and persuasive content.

What are page title tags and meta-descriptions?

These are related to SEO copywriting, and they are the first thing a user will see if they use a search engine to find your website.

The page title is a short description of a webpage and appears at the top of your browser window and in the search engine results page. It's a good idea to include your brand name and keywords if appropriate.

The meta description is a snippet that tells the user what your page is all about. It's limited to about 155 characters and should be compelling enough that the visitor wants to click through and check out the page.

What information do I need to give you for a quote?

I will need some specifics about what we're creating to give you a proposal. For example, I'll need to know if you need copy for a website, brochure or a blog. How many pages or words you need. What your goals are and what you're hoping to achieve from the copy. I'll also ask about your timeframe.

How much does it cost?

I tailor all copywriting projects to your needs. When you get my proposal, you'll be able to see an estimated fixed price for your project. Once we've finished the copywriting brief and we're super clear on what we're creating, I'll confirm that pricing before I start writing.

Then, I stick to it. There'll be no sneaky surprises for you at the end of the project.

Even if you've got a largish project, we can break it down into stages to make it work with your budget.

Do you need a deposit?

Yes. When you've seen my proposal, and you're keen to book your project in, I send you a commencement invoice for 50% of the quoted project fees. The balance is payable when I deliver the second version of your copy.

What does your price include?

My proposal is detailed and outlines EXACTLY what my cost includes.

You'll be able to see that it includes everything I need to write your copy, plus meeting time, additional research, writing time, revisions and proofreading. One of the things my clients love about working with me is that my proposals tell them what they need to know about working with me, including clarity on what my price includes.

Do I have any say in what you write?

Absolutely. Your input is not only vital to the success of your project, but I really value it.

You get to have your say through my revisions process. However, if you suggest a change that in my professional opinion is unwise, I'll let you know but leave the final decision in your hands.

Can we meet?

Face-to-face meetings are usually not needed for copywriting projects (unless you've got a larger project in mind). We'll generally manage everything over the phone, or via email or zoom.

When can you start?

This depends on how booked up I am. I give priority to existing projects and my client's love that I work hard to meet their deadlines.

It's a good idea to reach out to me early on. I'll let you know upfront if I can't meet your deadline.

How long does it take for you to write my copy?

This totally depends on the size and complexity of your project. Once we agree on a cost for your project, I'll provide clear timeframes for your project. This means you'll know when each stage of your copy is due and how long you have to submit revisions.

I also offer a 14-day guarantee. After sending through the first draft, you have up to 14 days to discuss your revisions with me. Within the 14-day guarantee period, I guarantee I will turn your changes around as soon as possible so you can get on with your business, with your new copy ready to work for you.

Can you take on projects at short notice?

Again, this depends on how busy I am and the size of your project. From time-to-time, I can squeeze in urgent projects, and I try to be as accommodating as possible for clients.

I charge an extra 20% to turn projects around within 48 - 72 hours.

What if I've already written the copy? Will you look at it?

Yes! Often my clients find it more affordable if they write their own copy, and then I edit their work.

You'll need to provide the written copy upfront so that I can tailor a proposal to your needs.

I've never worked with a copywriter; what does it involve?

Working with me is straightforward, and the process is easy to navigate (even for you, newbies). So that you know exactly how we'll work on your project together, I include my copywriting process in all my proposals and you can check it out here.

What industries do you write for?

I've written for all sorts of industries including start-ups, corporate and residential real estate firms, graphic designers, marketing agencies and website companies (to name a few).

Even if your industry is new to me, I have a great process that lets me quickly come up to speed with its unique qualities and target market. I invest time in getting to know you, your business, your industry and your target market really well. I ask the right questions in my Copywriting Brief to ensure that I've got the information I need to create stellar copy that helps you achieve your goals.

When you've finished the copy, who owns the copyright to it and can I make changes?

As soon as you pay the final invoice, I'll send you the final version of your copy. Yay! It's all yours! You own the copyright, and you can do with it what you wish.

How do I know hiring a copywriter is worth the investment?

If you're still not convinced about the benefits of hiring me to write your copy, read this article: Is hiring a copywriter worth the investment?

What now?

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Give me a call or reach out via my Snazzy Contact Form. I'm always happy to schedule a FREE 15-minute chat about your project, and even if we don't end up working together, I can't help but pass on a few useful tips!


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