The Copywriting and Web Design Process This isn't a one-way street.

We work together every step of the way so you never feel like you're left out or unable to contribute. 

The copywriting and web design process: STRIVING FOR AN ON BRAND WEBSITE THAT GETS RESULTS

This is a partnership. We'll be working closely together to make sure we maximise the results from your project. 

To help you get a general idea about the copywriting and web design process and how we'll navigate this together, here's an overview of my process.

Never worked with a copywriter or website designer?

Read my blog post on whether hiring a copywriter is worth the investment and learn more about how I can help your business.

Here's how it goes

7 easy steps to achieving your goals

1. Quick chat

We start with a quick phone chat where we'll talk about your business and what your goals are.

2. Proposal

Yes, despite having packages with GREAT inclusions, I know every business is different. So, after our chat, I'll deliver a proposal tailored to your needs.

2. Commencement invoice paid

Once you get all gooey with excitement over the proposal (which, I'm confident you will), and agree with some boring (but needed) fine print, I'll send you a commencement invoice.

Once it's paid - you're IN! I'll book you into my calendar

3. Client briefing

There are two steps here (stick with me, it's important) - one is a questionnaire and the other is a strategy and briefing Zoom session.

The goal is for me to get an in-depth understanding of your business, your goals and of course, your ideal client. It's how I write and design a website that they're going to LOVE!

After our Zoom, I'll send you the client brief and you can edit it with any additions or corrections. Then, send it back with your approval. 

This is when I confirm the prices included in the proposal (because now I know what we're fully working with)

P.S. At this stage, I may even have a basic wireframe of your new site - exciting stuff, right?!

4. Writing. Designing. Writing. Designing

It's all happenin' now!

I'll design your homepage, write and upload some draft copy, then send it to you for your review. I'm keen to see if I'm on the right track for design and your tone of voice.

5. Cruisin' through revisions

It's smooth sailing from here.

I write the full version of your copy, continue with the full website development and we work our way through two rounds of revisions. The final invoice is issued with the second version.

6. GO Live, baby!

With your approved copy professionally proofread, I'll upload it to your finished site.

I'll work through a few GO live checks (like making it look good on tablet and mobile, checking your integrations, checking links etc.) when we're both over the moon with how great it looks - we'll release this baby into the wide world!

Just so you know, I'm going to ask you a few questions about how you feel the project went and what you love most about your new site. This helps me continuously improve my processes and services so that I'm bringing my A-game to every new project. 

7. Tech support

I'm not the kinda girl that just finishes a project and says 'see ya'. Nope, I'm going to be here to hold your hand (if you need).

We'll do a handover Zoom session where I'll show you how to make changes, add a blog post etc. And then, I'll stick around for 2-4 weeks depending on your package.

I also offer website care plans so you can protect your investment and ensure your website continues to help you grow your business.

Honestly, it's that EASY!

And, don't worry, you're kept in the loop. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.